Since 1994, DOGIPOT® has focused community efforts on keeping dog friendly areas around the world cleaner by providing a convenient, economical and SMART solution to dog pollution. The results of our hard working efforts continue to keep dog friendly areas free from dog pollution by shifting the responsibility of pet waste pick up to the dog owner and away from maintenance and landscaping personnel.

As inventors of the pet station concept, each DOGIPOT® product serves a specific purpose within our solution-based strategy to maximize pick-up success to eliminate dog pollution in dog friendly areas. Education

The DOGIPOT® Pet Sign reminds the dog owner to pick up with an educational message, informing dog owners that dog waste is harmful and must be properly disposed of. Tools

The DOGIPOT® Dispenser deploys SMART Litter Pick Up Bags™ for dog owners to use to pick up after their dogs. Disposal

The DOGIPOT® Trash Receptacle is conveniently placed for dog owners to discard the bagged dog waste quickly and responsibly.