DuraPlay, Inc. is a full-service poured-in-place, seamless rubber safety surfacing corporation with over 15 years of experience. Involved in the field since the introduction of this progressive safety surfacing, DuraPlay continues to add to its thousands of successful installations (over two-million square-feet) using the best material available along with strategically located, highly experienced installation crews to achieve consistant, high-quality product and reliable services. DuraPlay is dedicated to providing the highest quality surfacing for the most competitive prices in the business.


DuraPlay, Inc. leads the surfacing industry into the 21st century by providing the progressive poured-in-place surfacing. Applying DuraPlay Surfacing is a proven way to add safety to playgrounds, pool decks, walkways and athletic surfaces.


DuraPlay Safety Surfacing provides a seamless, non-slip wearing surface fully accessible to everyone. This ADA compliant surfacing is self contained, allowing no loose particles to escape in shoes or pockets, while providing a safe, clean recreational surface.


DuraPlay offers a creative way to keep tires out of our country's landfills. Thousands of recycled tires are used monthly in our surfacing. We are proud of our efforts to help solve America's rapidly growing waste problem.


DuraPlay, Inc. remains in full quality control, never subcontracting to less experienced installation crews. Using the best materials available along with seasoned, in-house installers, DuraPlay achieves the ultimate quality in poured-in-place seamless rubber surfacing.