More than 50 years ago in the darkest part of the Småland highland in Sweden, three wise men had an idea. They realized there was a great need for both knowledge and products concerning children’s playgrounds and they were completely right. The company they started back in 1948, AB HAGS Mekaniska – is today called HAGS Aneby AB and has become one of the most successful companies in its field: playground equipment and park furniture.

The goal was then, as it is today, to turn good theoretical knowledge about play into exciting, attractive and safe environments for both children and grown ups. For more than 50 years HAGS has been taking play seriously with great success. We want our products to inspire new generations of children and grown ups. Play should entice movement and physical activity. By purposeful development we have provided ourselves with knowledge that we turn it into new possibilities for those who plan playgrounds and outdoor environments. We open the path for the future generation – the children of today. Being one of the leading manufacturers of playground equipment in the world we feel it’s our responsibility for children’s safe and positive development. The ideas from 1948 still stand. And with the help of the 5 foundations in our philosophy; Function – Safety – Quality – Environment – Design, we create new functions to entice play, thus contributing to our children’s physical wellbeing and social development. HAGS Aneby AB has been quality certified in accordance to ISO 9001 since 1993 and environmentally certified according to ISO 14001 since 1997. Our state of the art production plant at HAGS, design, test and manufacture products of the highest quality, with the help of skilled co-workers.

Inspiration is a word associated with activity and movement. It creates active, positive and always forth striving energy. The word is human in the sense that it’s always a person who inspires or is inspired.

For HAGS inspiration is valuable The word inspiration is in itself a challenge to reach a higher grade of achievement in all spheres of activity, not only when designing future products. Inspiration can be used as help to redefine the internal company culture or as an important component in the company business strategy. Externally, inspiration is the greatest benefit with HAGS play value for children, parents, teachers and communities.

We want to

• Inspire product developers to be in the frontline for innovative play
• Inspire architects to create exciting playgrounds
• Inspire suppliers to sell the most advanced solutions
• Inspire people who work with children to take on new stimulating tasks
• Inspire children and teenagers to use their full potential

Our aim is to create products that through their inspiring design and attractive colours make children happy. Products that have an inspiring play value with high safety, at a reasonable cost. Inspiring functionality and high quality are sound and safe investments for our children.

Welcome to HAGS, the company that inspires new generations!

Thomas Berfenfeldt Managing Director