At UltraSite we take pride in providing communities the opportunity to enjoy life’s intermissions – a slight pause from a busy lifestyle. Our site amenities not only enhance your outdoor recreation space, but they build a sense of belonging around an enjoyable experience.

UltraSite’s brands of site amenities, shades, shelters, dog parks and outdoor fitness products, are the superior choice that provide a low maintenance, durable solution for any outdoor recreation location. We have been standing behind our products for over 15 years so that you can watch the sunrise, grill out with your family, or just have a nice place to relax while the kids are playing.

We hope that UltraSite can join you as you build your next intermission.

Our Products:

- UltraCoat Collection: Features premium thermoplastic coated picnic tables, benches, and trash receptacles

- Premium Collection: Features sleek site furnishing designs to enhance any landscape

- Natural Collection: Features 100% recycled plastic, wood and aluminum for a more natural look

- Accessories: Add matching accessories to complete your space

- BarkPark: Agility equipment and matching amenities for your dog park

- ActionFit: Outdoor fitness equipment similar to indoor gyms with outdoor quality

- Shade & Shelter: A full spectrum of shade and shelter designs that create community spaces while protecting patrons from many of nature’s elements

About UltraPlay®

UPlay Today™ and Discovery Centers™ are products of UltraPlay. UltraPlay is a 20+ year manufacturer of high quality play equipment and related products. UltraPlay is a division of PlayCore.

About Our Parent Company

PlayCore helps build stronger communities around the world by advancing play through research, education, and partnerships. Our company infuses this learning into its complete family of brands. We combine best-in-class planning and education programs with the most comprehensive array of recreation products available to create play solutions that match the unique needs of each community we serve. About UPlay Today™

UPlay Today™ commercial playgrounds have been developed to be easy, self-installed playsystems that are affordable, compliant and quick-shipping solutions for early childhood education centers, churches and apartment housing.

UPlay Today™ playgrounds are available in a number of configurations suitable for a variety of differing play space dimensions. Choose from single deck, double deck and triple deck structures that have been designed specifically for the 2-5 and 5-12 age groups. Children will love the many climbing and sliding opportunities found on UPlay equipment as well as the music components and activity panels that stir imaginative and dramatic play. UltraPlay also offers a full line of freestanding play equipment that includes swings, spring riders and climbers. Border timbers and ADA ramps are also available.

UPlay Today™ playgrounds feature a unique, adjustable footer system that accommodates a variety of safety surfacing choices as well as providing for an easy, quick ground spike self-install process that, in most cases, eliminates the need to dig and pour concrete footings. UPlay Today™ playsystems save money on installation! Ground spikes are included with all UPlay structures. Surface-mount anchor bolt and traditional inground footer kits are also available.

Commercially Compliant…

UPlay Today™ is the affordable, commercial-quality solution for play spaces where residential equipment is not appropriate. UPlay Today™ playgrounds meet commercial ASTM performance standards and CPSC guidelines for equipment safety and quality of materials. Additionally, the equipment meets the Canadian CSA standards as well as the EN compliance requirements for Europe. ADA requirements for accessibility are also met.

UPlay Today™ equipment features quality, heavy-duty powdercoated steel posts, coated steel decks and rotomolded and blow molded plastic components all designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors of high use, public play.

Perfect for...

Early Childhood Education:

Outdoor play is an important part of an early childhood education Center’s daily scheduling and a time that children look forward to most. Often, structured learning activities are taught during outdoor play periods with the play equipment serving as an outdoor classroom for bringing learning outdoors. Additionally, playgrounds at early childhood education centers are where young children learn important social and communication skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. Playgrounds encourage learning and physical fitness, but they are also a place where children can grow and create friendships in a fun and safer way. Consider the following UPlayToday characteristics that make these playsystems ideal for your early childhood education center:

Easy to install, in most cases, taking only one day to complete
Meets all relevant commercial playground compliance standards including ASTM & CPSC as well as ADA requirements, protecting your investment and promoting playground safety and inclusion
Durable, quality commercial-grade equipment
Affordable systems for a range of budgets
Several structures are specifically designed for pre-school age children
Available in various configurations that can work with a range of space dimensions
Variety of components and panels that stir imaginative play

Worship Facilities:

Worship Facilities have many important ministries. Vital among them is a well-rounded children's ministry. The most effective children's ministries are those that are able to capture the attention and interest of children. The best way to do that is by allowing kids to do what they do best. They play, they climb, and they cheer. A playground is a natural place to just let children be kids. And putting a playground in at a worship facility helps make it a place where kids will get excited to go. The following UPlayToday ™ features help make these playsystems a great solution for your worship facility:

Structure configurations can accommodate different ages ranges; 2-5 or 5-12
Durable quality equipment offered in multiple play space configurations
Affordable systems for a range of budgets
Ease of installation provides an excellent opportunity for a volunteer/congregation build
Ease of ordering and direct-to-site shipment
Meets all relevant commercial playground compliance requirements including ASTM & CPSC as well as ADA requirements, protecting your investment and promoting playground safety and inclusion

Apartment Complexes & Multi-Family Housing:

A well-designed, well-built playground not only helps to draw families with young children to a complex, but also creates a space where children can stay healthy and active. Additionally, playgrounds allow children to stay close to home while spending time with their parents and adult guardians. UPlay Today™ playsystems are perfect solutions for apartment complexes and multi-family housing. UPlayToday™ playsystems are a great fit for your apartment complex. Here's why:

Affordable systems available for a range of budgets
Multiple configurations offer flexibility in space planning
Most structures can be installed in one day by volunteers or maintenance staff
UPlay Today™ playsystems meet all commercial playground compliance requirements including ASTM & CPSC
UPlay Today™ equipment features quality metal & plastic components designed to withstand public play

Community Centers:

Community centers are an important part of almost every city and town. They are natural and intentional places for children and adults to congregate. Providing safer outdoor play environments where a community’s children can gather and socialize is often a priority among city planners and the ultimate goal of any youth-serving organization. Additionally, community center playgrounds are often utilized by on-site child care or early childhood education programs. UPlay Today™ can help create a community center play space that:

Fits within even the smallest budget
Gives children ages 2-5 and 5-12 a fun and challenging play environment
Brings the community together for a fun, quick and easy volunteer build
Meets all commercial playground compliance requirements including ASTM & CPSC
Features quality metal & plastic components designed to withstand public play

Campgrounds: A playground within a campground is a natural fit. The most successful campgrounds offer more to its campers than just a picnic table and a grill. Camping families with young children are drawn to campgrounds that offer more amenities and activities such as playgrounds. The camp play environment is the perfect place for adults and children to spend even more time together during their great outdoor adventures. Camp playgrounds also offer unique socialization opportunities for children to meet and play with other children who are also traveling with their families. Campgrounds will find UPlay Today™ Playsystems are a great option to add to their amenities for the following reasons:

Ease of installation saves time for smaller campground staffs
Smaller footprints allow for a play space with minimal impact to the natural camp surroundings
Becomes an added attraction for new campers and a favorite for repeat visitors
Meets ADA requirements allowing inclusion of all children regardless of ability
UPlay Today™ playsystems meet all commercial playground compliance requirements including ASTM & CPSC
UPlay Today™ equipment features quality metal & plastic components designed to withstand public play