Company Information:

Here at UPC Parks, we give children the experience of playing in the wilderness or in exotic far away lands. Our inspiration is the creek behind Grandpa's farm in Iowa, and the rock formations surrounding Lake Tahoe, and the obstacle courses at camp. The play spaces we design are meant to engage children as they haven't been for a generation.

We create environments that engage children in an authentic way. We do this by using Polyfibercrete, a synthetic sandstone material. It is solid through and through, with the same longevity and durability as concrete. Polyfibercrete creates rock formations that have the same tactile sense as real stone, no hollow plastic or GFRC rocks here.

Our new creatures evoke the same sense of nature and wonder as our Rock formations. Polyfibercrete is also a great material for making these creatures – tough, durable, and with a solid feel.