Visions Innovated Products, Inc. has been manufacturing long lasting, corrosive resistant WEBCOAT outdoor tables and benches for more than fifteen years. Combining this experience of using high strength steel fabrication with the newest technologies of thermo-plastic coatings has continuously given WEBCOAT the edge over all competition .

WEBCOAT offers more than 500 different product items in different styles with color choices unlimited. Our many styles and frame configurations of picnic tables and benches will allow you to obtain the distinctive look you desire for your outdoor eating and seating areas. When you furnish your areas with WEBCOAT you are installing the most maintenance free furniture available. Your local WEBCOAT representative can aid you with design layout.

The best choice for corrosive-free, maintenance-free, outdoor furniture is Thermo-Plastic, PVC coating over steel and the best PVC coated furniture is WEBCOAT. WEBCOAT tables and benches have become the standard everywhere rugged, highly used product is required because WEBCOAT IS THE STRONGEST, MOST DURABLE THERMO-PLASTIC COATED TABLE ON THE MARKET.

Our tables and benches are made with heavier steel to prevent sagging. Then the tops and seats are coated with ULTRAVIOLET STABILIZED THERMO-PLASTIC COATING, FUSED AND BAKED TO 90% GLOSS FINISH. The high gloss finish is important, not only for good looks, but also in helping the ultraviolet stabilizers in the coating decrease fading over years of sunlight exposure.

Table and bench under frames are made from heavy wall GALVANIZED STEEL TUBING. For added protection and good looks, the frames are coated with BAKED-ON POLYESTER BLACK POWDER COAT in addition to the galvanizing.

ALL WEBCOAT tables that are ordered for Wheelchair access, CONFORM TO THE LATEST ADA SPECIFICATIONS.

We commit to be customer orientated. We resolve to offer the finest quality at the most comptetitive price for all of our coated, outdoor products.

We resolve never to develop a paradigm about our products, knowing that all products evolve with improvements, and we will always to be responsive to customer's suggestions and ideas.